Bitcoin-creditors of Mt.Gox received a tool for registration of compensation claims


Affected users of the exchange Mt.Gox can now send applications for refunds of funds held on the company’s wallets. This is reported on the site of Mt.Gox.

The document says that tool has been launched on the Mt.Gox website, through which users can apply for damages. There is also a process for submitting applications by email. To do this, users need to download the application form from the site, fill it out and send it along with other documents to the Mt.Gox address in Tokyo.

During the bankruptcy procedure, the trust manager created a system through which users of the Mt.Gox exchange can provide evidence of their rehabilitation requirements regarding the return of the cryptocurrency and money. Thanks to this system, users from all over the world, without spending time and money, can freely participate in the civil rehabilitation program

At the current stage, only individual customers are considered. However, over time, this opportunity will be provided to corporate users of Mt.Gox. travelandleisure

A separate document indicates that the deadline for filing such applications expires on October 22 this year.

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