Coinbase has determined the rules for listing new crypto-currencies


The leading US currency exchange, Coinbase, introduced official rules for listing new digital assets, and also suggested to the project creators a tool with which they can submit relevant applications.

As noted in the blog of the company in California, the search for a solution to expand the list of available coins prompted numerous user appeals.

Representatives of Coinbase noted that their goal is to list all assets that meet the internal standards of the site and local legislation. To do this, rules were developed for the safe addition of crypto currency.

However, the company warned that due to the specifics of the country’s legislation, some assets added in the future may be available only to users of certain jurisdictions.

To apply for an asset, project representatives will need to fill out a questionnaire. Simultaneously, the Coinbase team clarified that some assets can be added at its discretion even without filing a listing application.


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