Crypto enthusiast traveled 18 countries for 1 Bitcoin in One Year


Bitcoin enthusiast Raphael Hawksley went on a yearly trip to 18 countries to collect material for a film about the cryptocurrency industry. This is reported by BLOCKLR.

The trip cost one Bitcoin, which he bought in August 2017 for $ 4,724. In December, when Bitcoin reached a maximum of about $ 20,000, Rafael was close to selling cryptocurrency for his own benefit. However, according to the traveler, after communicating with Hong Kong Bitcoin veterans, he changed his position.

In all countries, he was using only cryptocurrency, but in regions with tight regulation of the industry he used a bank card.

From September 2017 to September 2018, Rafael met with people known in the crypto community, in particular, with John McAfee and Vitalik Buterin. He also conducted 20 interviews with supporters and opponents of the Bitcoin movement.

The traveler shot 178 hours of material for a future film about cryptocurrency and its advantages. Raphael plans to attract funding for the creation of films from the crypto-enthusiasts community.


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