Miners mined 90% of maximum bitcoin supply


At block # 714,000, the bitcoin network has reached the point where it remains to mine 2.1 million BTC, or 10% of the available emission volume.

Today at block height 714,000 we reach the point at which only 2,100,000 BTC (10%) remain to be mined.

However, it won’t be until block 714,032 that there will be 18,900,000 BTC in existence. This is due to some early miners not claiming the entire block subsidy.


However, according to CTO Casa Jameson Lopp, digital gold reached 18.9 million coins mined after only 32 blocks. This is due to the fact that some early miners did not claim the reward.

For the same reason, the total cryptocurrency supply will not be equal to 21 million BTC, as provided by the algorithm.

In addition, earlier Chainalysis experts estimated that 3.79 million BTC could be lost forever. In theory, these coins exist, but they do not participate in circulation.

After the halving of the reward for the mined block, which took place in May 2020, its size is 6.25 BTC at this moment.


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