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Cryptocurrency market capitalization has reached an annual minimum


The total market cap of crypto assets on the market currently stands at $ 203.4 billion, which corresponds to values a year ago.

This observation was shared by The Block analyst Larry Zermak.

On the chart you can see that the dynamics of the trading volumes of the top 50 tokens of the Ethereum-standard ERC-20 closely correlate with the market capitalization indicator. The trade activity of the latter has also reached the marks of a year ago.

As it usually happens, the fall of Bitcoin exerts pressure on the entire market:

Singapore will help Ukraine to fight cryptocurrency fraud


Singapore cyber police officers will help Ukrainian law enforcement agencies to fight cryptocurrency fraud. This was stated by the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov after a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister for National Security of Singapore Teo Chi Hin.

IBM will help Azerbaijani banks introduce blockchain into payment system


Technology giant IBM will help banks in Azerbaijan to introduce the blockchain technology into the cashless payment system. This is reported by Trend News Agency.

Commercial banks will get access to a single blockchain platform on which customer information will be stored. According to Farid Osmanov, the introduction of technology will also allow customers of financial institutions to issue loans more quickly.

In the framework of the state program of Azerbaijan, IBM will also assist banks in the development of digital identification.

Bitfury has released a new server for industrial mining Bitcoin


Bitcoin and blockchain solutions provider Bitfury Group introduced Bitfury Tardis – the latest generation miner designed for use by large companies with performance up to 80 TH/s.

Bitfury Tardis is equipped with Clarke ASIC chips, which in the future can be replaced by a new generation of chips from Bitfury.

Bitfury Tardis is available in various configurations with the ability to install from five to eight hashboards. To monitor the operation of the system, an LED screen is installed in Tardis, as well as the option of quick access to OrangePi.

As company stated , at the moment it is the only miner on the market that can be upgraded. New features will allow users to change server configuration depending on the situation and significantly optimize operating costs.

Binance Labs has invested several million in the smart contract audit platform


Binance Labs Blockchain Incubator has invested in a project to audit CertiK smart contracts. The exact amount of investment from the division of the leading bitcoin exchange is unknown. According to CoinDesk, we are talking about several million dollars.

Launched last year, startup CertiK is testing software codes for blockchain projects for vulnerabilities. To do this, the CertiK team uses a “multi-level decomposition approach, certified libraries of decentralized applications and“ smart labeling ”.”

Odyssey 3.1 release on Tron network


On October 8, CEO of Tron, Justin Sun introduced an updated version of the network called Odyssey 3.1.

He added that after the upgrade, the Tron Committee and TVM functions will be available, and the “era of smart contracts” will come on the network.

Clients of Danske Bank, SEB and Credit Suisse performed € 661 million operations with cryptocurrencies


The report of the Financial Crimes Investigation Service of Lithuania (FCIS) states that in two years the clients of European banks made transactions with cryptocurrencies in the amount of € 661 million, Bitcoin.com reports.

In the field of view of the Lithuanian regulator, 600 individuals and legal entities, which conducted transactions from € 80 thousand, were included.

The report on the investigation of large-scale digital assets and fiat currency transactions includes banks: Danske Bank from Denmark, Swedbank and SEB from Sweden, Credit Suisse from Switzerland, ING Group from the Netherlands, Luminor, Pervesk and Mister Tango from Lithuania, and Citadele from Latvia.

The FCIS document states that three Lithuanian and Swedish residents carried out major transactions from € 14 million to € 27 million. FCIS Director Mindovg Petrauskas also said that one Lithuanian declared income from buying and selling cryptocurrency of € 6 million of krogerfeedback.

He noted that most bank customers chose not to report the origin of their initial capital. Probably, according to Petrauskas, part of the funds they received from crypto-trading or investment in ICO.

The director of FCIS stressed that there is a high risk of money laundering in the industry of ICO and during operations with cryptocurrencies. Note that in 2018 Lithuanian investors are actively investing in ICO projects. If last year the total amount of investments was € 82 million, at the beginning of 2018 this figure was already equal to € 500 million.

There is petition demanding to make XRP a cryptocurrency of the Olympics 2020


A petition appeared on Change.org that says that the XRP should be the official cryptocurrency of the summer Olympic Games to be held in Tokyo in Japan in 2020.

The petition says that even though the Olympiad is an important event on a global scale, the organizing countries of the event inevitably face a number of problems related to infrastructure, transport and payment systems.

The author of the petition, Ken Takahashi from Japan, expresses confidence that Ripple Labs XRP digital currency could effectively solve the problem.

Venture investments in cryptocurrency companies in 2018 reached $ 3.9 billion


In the first three quarters of 2018 alone, venture investments in blockchain- and cryptocurrency start-ups reached $ 3.9 billion, which is 280% more than in all of 2017. This is stated in the new report of the research group Diar.

Crypto enthusiast traveled 18 countries for 1 Bitcoin in One Year


Bitcoin enthusiast Raphael Hawksley went on a yearly trip to 18 countries to collect material for a film about the cryptocurrency industry. This is reported by BLOCKLR.

The trip cost one Bitcoin, which he bought in August 2017 for $ 4,724. In December, when Bitcoin reached a maximum of about $ 20,000, Rafael was close to selling cryptocurrency for his own benefit. However, according to the traveler, after communicating with Hong Kong Bitcoin veterans, he changed his position.

In all countries, he was using only cryptocurrency, but in regions with tight regulation of the industry he used a bank card.

From September 2017 to September 2018, Rafael met with people known in the crypto community, in particular, with John McAfee and Vitalik Buterin. He also conducted 20 interviews with supporters and opponents of the Bitcoin movement.

The traveler shot 178 hours of material for a future film about cryptocurrency and its advantages. Raphael plans to attract funding for the creation of films from the crypto-enthusiasts community.