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Upbit Receives $ 100 Million of Profit in the Third Quarter


The largest South Korean crypto exchange Upbit received in the III quarter of this year a profit equivalent to $ 100 million, reports Cointelegraph with reference to the local source Yonhap News.

Upbit is a division of the South Korean technological giant Kakao. The launch of this trading platform took place not so long ago – in October 2017. However, during this time it become the 12th in terms of trading volume in the world. Currently, the daily turnover of Upbit exceeds $ 97 million. irishsetterboots

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In the spring of this year, the crypto-currency exchange Upbit launched the first in South Korea crypto-currency index.

UPS Use Blockchain To Track Parcels


The American company UPS has issued a new patent application for the use of blockchain technology to send parcels around the world.

According to the patent application published in August by the US Patent and Trademark Office, the company is interested in technology in the context of rethinking the principles of cargo delivery.

The application, entitled “Autonomous Service Selection System and Distributed Transport Database,” presents the principle of storing multiple types of data in a network based on a distributed registry, including information on the movement of goods, the destination and the plan for its transportation. missionnewyear

UPS joined the blockchain alliance, which focuses on cargo transportation, in 2017. In one of its patents, the company also allowed the idea of using BTC as a means of payment in post offices when receiving an order.

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It should be noted that UPS offered to use more than one detachment to track the set of orders for shipment. According to the company’s representatives, each of the blockrooms will provide information on the relevant asset type.

In 2017, UPS delivered more than 5 billion parcels and documents. During the same period, the company’s revenue amounted to $ 54 billion.

The Germans offer to create a “European SWIFT”


The German Foreign Ministry proposed that the European Union create its own payment system, similar to SWIFT. To avoid dependence on the United States.

Europe should not rely solely on the US system for the transfer of payment information SWIFT, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said. He suggested that the experts of the European Union create an analogue of the system that most world banks and payment operators now use.

Maas made his statement because he believes that Europe and the US continue to distance themselves from each other and old values are no longer relevant. Europe should be independent, including technologically.smithfield

Of the hidden motives, analysts also note the desire to be reinsured in the event of further economic sanctions by the US towards Europe and the protection of the nuclear deal with Iran.

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Why do we write about this? Because cryptocurrencies and lock-up and are also global changes in the world financial system. And who knows how and when the EU’s desire to form an analogue of SWIFT and cryptocurrency technologies will intersect.

Internet giant GMO declined to mine Bitcoin Cash


The Japanese technology company GMO Internet sent all its mining capacities to Bitcoin (BTC) production in July. This was reported by the well-known crypto-investor Trace Meyer, who received a copy of the company’s report on the hash and coins it had produced.


В документе указано, что в течение июля GMO не добыла ни одной монеты Bitcoin Cash, зато намайнила за этот месяц 568 BTC. Для сравнения, к концу декабря прошлого года компанией было добыто всего 21 BTC и 213 BCH.

Совокупный хешрейт подконтрольных компании майнинговых мощностей составил 384 PH/s.

По мнению Майера, компания намеренно отказалась от добычи Bitcoin Cash из-за нарастающих проблем с этим проектом. Также он отметил, что для осуществления на эту сеть «атаки 51%» необходимы средства на сумму менее $40 тысяч.

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Напомним, в прошлом месяце GMO представила биткоин-майнер B3 на базе 7-нм ASIC-чипов с хешрейтом 33 Th/s. Продажи B3 стартуют в ноябре.

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The document states that during July, GMO did not get any Bitcoin Cash coins, but 568 BTC for this month. By comparison, by the end of December last year the company produced only 21 BTC and 213 BCH.

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The aggregate hashed of company-controlled mining capacities was 384 PH / s.

According to Mayer, the company intentionally abandoned the production of Bitcoin Cash because of the growing problems with this project. He also noted that to implement the “51% attack” on this network, funds of less than $ 40 thousand are needed.

Recall, last month, GMO introduced Bitcoin-Miner B3 based on 7-nm ASIC-chips with a 33 Th / s hash. Sales of B3 start in November. TalkToHannaford

OKEx Asking user verification


The OKEx has introduced mandatory requirements, according to which all users of the site must undergo a verification procedure in order to be able to withdraw funds. This is reported on the website of the trading platform.

The first level of verification allows users to withdraw amounts up to 2 BTC within 24 hours. To activate this level, the users need to provide only passport data.

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The second level allows the withdrawal of amounts up to 100 BTC (in some cases even more, depending on the volume of the user’s trading). To get Level 2 verification users must provide copies of documents with information about the place of residence + passport data.

The new rules will start at August 28 this year. Also, the OKEx administration warned users that it is possible to have only one account on this platform. Before the new rules come into effect, the users of the exchange are advised to consolidate their funds in one of their accounts. chequersfeedback

The requirements also apply to all users of exchanges operating under the OKEx partner program.

Bitcoin-creditors of Mt.Gox received a tool for registration of compensation claims


Affected users of the exchange Mt.Gox can now send applications for refunds of funds held on the company’s wallets. This is reported on the site of Mt.Gox.

The document says that tool has been launched on the Mt.Gox website, through which users can apply for damages. There is also a process for submitting applications by email. To do this, users need to download the application form from the site, fill it out and send it along with other documents to the Mt.Gox address in Tokyo.

During the bankruptcy procedure, the trust manager created a system through which users of the Mt.Gox exchange can provide evidence of their rehabilitation requirements regarding the return of the cryptocurrency and money. Thanks to this system, users from all over the world, without spending time and money, can freely participate in the civil rehabilitation program

At the current stage, only individual customers are considered. However, over time, this opportunity will be provided to corporate users of Mt.Gox. travelandleisure

A separate document indicates that the deadline for filing such applications expires on October 22 this year.

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