The Germans offer to create a “European SWIFT”


The German Foreign Ministry proposed that the European Union create its own payment system, similar to SWIFT. To avoid dependence on the United States.

Europe should not rely solely on the US system for the transfer of payment information SWIFT, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said. He suggested that the experts of the European Union create an analogue of the system that most world banks and payment operators now use.

Maas made his statement because he believes that Europe and the US continue to distance themselves from each other and old values are no longer relevant. Europe should be independent, including technologically.smithfield

Of the hidden motives, analysts also note the desire to be reinsured in the event of further economic sanctions by the US towards Europe and the protection of the nuclear deal with Iran.

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Why do we write about this? Because cryptocurrencies and lock-up and are also global changes in the world financial system. And who knows how and when the EU’s desire to form an analogue of SWIFT and cryptocurrency technologies will intersect.


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