UPS Use Blockchain To Track Parcels


The American company UPS has issued a new patent application for the use of blockchain technology to send parcels around the world.

According to the patent application published in August by the US Patent and Trademark Office, the company is interested in technology in the context of rethinking the principles of cargo delivery.

The application, entitled “Autonomous Service Selection System and Distributed Transport Database,” presents the principle of storing multiple types of data in a network based on a distributed registry, including information on the movement of goods, the destination and the plan for its transportation. missionnewyear

UPS joined the blockchain alliance, which focuses on cargo transportation, in 2017. In one of its patents, the company also allowed the idea of using BTC as a means of payment in post offices when receiving an order.

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It should be noted that UPS offered to use more than one detachment to track the set of orders for shipment. According to the company’s representatives, each of the blockrooms will provide information on the relevant asset type.

In 2017, UPS delivered more than 5 billion parcels and documents. During the same period, the company’s revenue amounted to $ 54 billion.


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